Built on Excellence
and Innovation

鶹ýAV was built on strong family values, hard work and constant innovation. What began as an electric motor repair company in 1925 has quickly adapted to meet changing demands in an evolving construction market.

Over the years, we have contributed to the growth of Atlanta and the Southeast which has in turn fueled the transformation of our business. Today, we are the leading specialty contractor in the Atlanta market, serving the Southeast for almost 100 years.

鶹ýAV's History

is a story of growth, development and dedicated employees.


After the passing of his father, Atlanta native Ras Hitson 鶹ýAV took a job with Browning Electrical Motor Repair Company. Committed to providing service to others in business and in daily life, Ras purchased the company and 鶹ýAV was born.

1920s - 1950s
Building a name to Remember

For 34 years, Ras operated a business that would become respected and remembered in the hearts and minds of its celebrated customer base. In 1959 Ras trusted his two sons, Louie and James, to carry the business name and reputation forward. 

1960s - 1970s
Carrying the Family Name Forward

Over the course of the 1960s, Louie carried on the electrical repair service line and James launched 鶹ýAV’s specialty contracting business, which grew rapidly during the rise of Atlanta’s industrial construction boom. 

1979 - Early 1990s
Notable Projects

In 1979, 鶹ýAV was awarded a 10-year, $315 million dollar project to build the very first two units of Waynesboro’s Vogtle nuclear plant. Two large GM plants and Ford’s Hapeville plant would follow, allowing 鶹ýAV to establish themselves as a premier specialty contracting firm in the Southeast.

Motor Repair Business Sale

In response to the rise of oversea imports, 鶹ýAV made the strategic decision to sell the repair business and channel its energy into the specialty contracting business.

2000 - Present
Now in its fifth generation

The 鶹ýAV story is one grown on family values. From those who founded it to those who grew its service offerings, 鶹ýAV’s growing team of dedicated subject matter experts remains focused across the commercial, healthcare and industrial realms — living out the family values of service, safety and integrity every day.


Our mission is to remain the most trusted specialty contractor in the market, executing projects with the highest level of quality, safety and integrity.

We seek to empower our clients with industry-leading solutions and services that bring project vision to life and meet unique needs.


Over the years, we've developed a reputation for providing the highest level of service.

It is our mission each day to uphold that legacy to our valued customers. With decades of experience in providing innovative electrical, mechanical, technology services and preconstruction solutions, we are very proud of our employees and their dedication to excellence.